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Cars to Dream – One week after the appearance of the All New Fortuner 2016, alternating who released the All New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016 . Just like its competitors, Pajero Sport is given a big change with changes in total in the aspect of the exterior design, interior, engine (type Dakar) and transmission. This is full review of All New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport !

Well, seems not to be outdone by All New Fortuner 2016, he also equip themselves with a number of ammunition that keeping it could compete with co-star. The thing which we will review in this time is surgery which would analyze the exterior design, interior design, accommodation, engine performance, features and price of the Pajero Sport 2016 right down to its roots.

New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Review

2016 New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

2016 New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Exterior Design

Like a Fortuner, Pajero Sport 2016 has already adopted a new design language of the producers. Now Mitsubishi would provide design elements called Dynamic Shield on obverse mobil-mobilnya. Well, Pajero Sport, Mitsubishi is the first product that is already using the design. Well, the shape of the Shield itself with Dynamic headlamp and Grill and lower Grill tasa seemed fused, United by a chrome vertical slats. So roughly.

In addition we will find unique shoulder line, not elongated from front to back, in the middle section of its line to disappear because of different elevation. Then the design of the window created unique, especially on the rear side Windows are fewer. The window chrome that surrounded its proportions fit, unlike Avanza Veloz or Xenia type R.

Good design in the front and side are not balanced by a refreshing view of the eyes in the back. It looks like a designer already tired would fit the image behind it. Because we were treated to a vertically elongated lamp that … like the eye with tears that melted, a.k.a. cry. Fortunately a long section to the bottom of it given the long also LED down. A rather unfortunate is the absence of rear spoiler in all types, given the so weird it looks without it.

Pajero Sport is already given LED lights, not only of dual LED as Fortuner. For this type of Dakar, he fitted the headlamp washer can wash your headlights kala exposed mud. Meanwhile, type in addition to Dakar rims 17 inch single given colors and wear your own Dakar rims 18 inch two tone and already processed by the method of machining.

In conclusion, All New Pajero Sport 2016 already modernize itself by abandoning the old design that despite hefty but looks pretty flat design – is not attractive. It’s just that, Pajero Sport 2016 in some parts kinda looks weird, but quiet, the more often we see this car long also.

Interior Design

The interior design is actually better than its predecessor. With a design that is no longer too mengotak make it look more modern and chic, in fact, be seen. It’s just that, firstly, the material used is not experiencing an increase. Not found material soft touch as in Fortuner 2016. No effect on visual indeed, just a little annoying when you’re trying to knock this car dashboard.

Dashboard 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Dashboard 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Second, on the dashboard given wood accents. What the fuck, this is not 2004, where medium-priced car of this kind is often given the wood put it this way. Parameswara converted modern look, not different from what we see in the Grand Livina, for example.

Moreover, pretty good. We like it with the handle on the door trim, its shape is quite charming. Then, when you stare at the ceiling to this car in the Dakar types, you will find the glassy holes called the sunroof. While there, the Fortuner at the opposite side did not have it. There is also a black-colored leather seats, not brown like a Fortuner, a special type of Dakar as well. Another one that is pretty unique and interesting in the Pajero Sport, double AIR CONDITIONING blower is placed at the side of the top of the cabin, not in the middle of the top like other cars, including the Fortuner. Whether the distribution of the air would be more effective or not.


When you want to get a short answer, the answer is: more spacious than the Fortuner.

However, when you expect a longer answer, put it this way. Pajero Sport dimensions larger than the Fortuner considering the body a bit more contained. So you can enjoy the headroom and legroom that relief, similar to MPV.

2016 New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

2016 New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Unlike the Fortuner, folding the third row bench can be done on a flat. While his rival from Toyota is using the system hanging benches, where stools are hung to the side. Certainly fold down easier than lifting the stools over.


Features All New Pajero Sport is increasingly complete. For example, electric parking brake, hill start assist, stability control, traction control, trailer stability assist and dual zone AIR CONDITIONING, but it’s all just variants in Dakar. Special type 4WD, 4WD lever is placed behind the transmission button adjacent to the tuasnya hill decent control. Then, dual airbags, ABS, EBD is present in every type. Special Dakar, coupled with a BA and Sunroof

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